Driving Free Website Traffic in 2016

Free website traffic is something every new blogger, internet marketer and website owner are looking for. By using methods to drive free website traffic back to you, you are able to minimize your advertising expenses while attracting targeted visitors to your website.

Some of the free methods for driving traffic to your website are now saturated in 2016. This is due to more and more people starting to make use of these methods. But, there’s still hope – while some of these methods might become saturated, others benefit from the increases of internet marketers starting to use them. There’s also new methods and strategies popping up all the time.

Thanks to all of these factors, you are still able to drive free website traffic in 2016 – no matter what the experts say.

#1 – Social Media Traffic

Yes, the first thing on this list is social media networks. Why? Because they’re HUGE and they still continue to grow day after day. Need I say more?

Every internet marketer trying to make it online this year NEEDS to be on social media. This is where a majority of my traffic comes from, and where a majority of the traffic of people I know comes from. All you need to do is get on the social media train, register your accounts and become active – by doing this you will be able to drive high quality, laser targeted traffic to your website without having to pay anything to anyone.

The important part when driving free website traffic using social media networks is to join groups related to your niche, and to become an active and contributing member in these groups. Once people get to know you, you can start to throw in some of your links and they will be much more eager to click on your links (compared to just sharing links with the group and no other types of content).  kodulehe valmistamine 

#2 – Article Marketing

Even though article marketing is a very old promotional method to drive website back to your website for free, it still works. Why? Because the more people that uses article platforms, the more content they get, which means more traffic.

Many internet marketers claim that article marketing is now saturated and not useful anymore. I do not agree with this statement. Article marketing is still very much active and can still bring in thousands of unique, targeted visitors to your website every month.

The key to success with article marketing is to put in a lot of time and effort – especially when you’re only starting out. You need to write unique and high quality content that people will love – and you need to write a lot of it. The more you write, the higher you get in the rankings of the article distribution sites you publish your articles on.


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