Sleep Apnea Treatment With CPAP & BiPAP Equipment

Unlike a fine wine, CPAP supplies don’t get better with age. In fact, they tend to deteriorate and become less effective over time, and be replaced by ever more comfortable and innovative CPAP technologies. So I’m often taken aback to hear that someone’s been using the same mask for years, not having even replaced the cushions. Ditto for the machines themselves. If you haven’t replaced your machine in years, you’re working with outdated technology and probably could breathe a lot easier at night were you to update to something fresh. Now, I certainly understand that this stuff isn’t cheap — especially when you go through your brick and mortar local medical equipment supplier. But dd you know that Medicare and almost all insurers will pay for replacement equipment on a regular, fairly generous replacement schedule? It’s true. They’ll often pay out on the following replacement schedule: CPAP Supply

Mask — 1 every 3 months
Mask cushions — 2 per month
Tubing — 1 every 3 months
Disposable Filters — 2 per month
Humidifier Chamber — 1 every 6 months
Machine — 1 every 5 years

Beats me why people aren’t told more about this up-front. Perhaps the insurance companies are trying to keep it on the down-low to keep costs down. But that’s shortsighted, because these guidelines are there for a reason — because this stuff degrades over time and becomes ineffective. If people replaced them regularly, they’d have more success getting well with Sleep Apnea and be less likely to cost the insurance companies tons more money with the really bad, costly stuff like Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, and more…

So if your CPAP equipment is older than your cell phone or computer, chances are there’s a problem. Talk to your doctor or DME about replacements.


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